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AIO Remote V3.5.5

Hisham Hassan Bakr
December 30th, 2016 || Android 4.0 +
Download APK Why to pay for something when you can get it for free !! Now all Pro features are unlocked for f...
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December 30th, 2016
Android 4.0 +
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Sobre o APK:
Why to pay for something when you can get it for free !!

Now all Pro features are unlocked for free (Except ads)

You need to install Aio Remote Desktop app v3.5.0 on your computer. You can download it from

Extract the zip file then run "AioRemoteDesktop3.5.0.jar"

Make sure that you have Java runtime installed from

If you face issue, check common connection issues on:

Are you ready to control the world :)

It is not another remote control app. Read description to know why it is totally different from other remote controls!

AIO Remote stands for All In One Remote,

You can control any application ever on your computer through WIFI , Bluetooth by creating your own fully customized custom remote controls.

Windows, Linux and Mac are supported.

Control another Android device (Beta)

There is a predefined set of remotes to control mouse, keyboard, slide show, file manager and media players

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Aio Remote is downloaded more than 500 000 times on Android and more than 1000 000 times on all platforms

Aio Remote won many competitions:

- Second Place in Samsung Egypt Android competition

- Egyptian Ministry of communication competition

- One of best 10 innovative ideas in Mobily competition

- Plus many international and local websites wrote good reviews about Aio Remote (AndroidZoom,ArDroid,...etc)

Key Features:

1- Control PC, Control Another Android phone/tablet(Beta).

2- WIFI & Bluetooth are supported.

3- Windows, Linux and Mac are supported.

4- Advanced custom remote designer lets you create custom remotes to control any app ever. Possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

5- Share your created remotes with all users around the world using our Online Custom Remotes Gallery.

6- Remote File Manager: Browse your files remotely and open them on your computer or Android device.

7- Advanced Mouse touchpad control.

8- Keyboard control.

9- Powepoint / slide show control.

10- Game controller with multi-touch support. and ability to design unlimited number of custom gamepads.

11- You can use up to 4 mobile devices as 4 game pads to play games on your PC/Android device remotely with your friends.

12- Control common media players (windows media player, Media player classic, winamp, VLC, Banshee, Totem )

13 - Support for Hacker’s keyboard to simulate computer ALT,CTRL,Arrows,Function keys,etc

14- Support for Swype,Go,SwiftKey keyboard

15- Support voice writing


How to use Aio Remote:

Aio Remote consists of two parts:

1- the phone / tablet application you can download from here.

2- A desktop application for your computer that you can download from

3- Check my blog periodically to know updated tips and tricks:

4- Follow instructions mentioned in this great website "crazytechsolutions":

Video Tutorials:


Application support:

1- Facebook page

2- Google+ page:

3- mail: [email protected]

4- Twitter: @AioRemote

5- developer twitter: @HishamBakr

6- developer linked in:


As Android to Android control still beta, I will list the apps/games I succeeded to control:

- Icy Tower Classic ( game )

- Icy Tower 2 Temple Jump ( game )

- Sega Emulator - GENDroid ( emulator )

If you succeeded to control another Android game / app , please upload your custom remote to Online Remotes Gallery or send mail to me at [email protected]

Ability to share custom remotes with friends via social media
You need to install Aio Remote Desktop app on computer. download it from
for common issues:

- pode fazer o download do APK a partir do botão 'Download APK' acima.
- o botão de download é REAL! Nós usamos o serviço Adshrink!
- Nós Somos humanos e podemos cometer erros, por favor reporte se houver um erro.
Nota1: Aqui você pode fazer um pedido para ou reportar APENAS esta página (ex: Pedir por uma atualização, reportar um problema no link de download e outros)
Nota2: O seu pedido precisa de ser aprovado primeiro antes de ser exibido aqui (Não envie demasiados pedidos!).
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