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Boonie Bears: The Wild Life 2020

A new amusement park called "Wild Land" opens near Pine Tree Mountain. The park promotes itself as the ulti...

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1h 39min
A new amusement park called "Wild Land" opens near Pine Tree Mountain. The park promotes itself as the ultimate experience for guests like no other. Visitors turn into animals once they put on the "transformation pin". Vick’s tour business is struggling because of the new park. He spends most of his money renovating a bus to try to drum up more business but it flops. The popularity of the "Wild Land" overwhelms Vick’s efforts. He’s on the verge of bankruptcy after his investment.Vick sees that the park is holding a "Transformation Contest" with a large cash prize for the winner. A former classmate of his, Yuanbao, encourages Vick to enter. The two decide to enter together as a team and when they get to the park they are blown away by the scale and impressive nature of the place. Right before the contest starts, Yuanbao abandons Vick to enter the contest with Tom, the owner of the park. Abandoned by his friend, Vick is forced to enter the contest with a "mysterious man" that goes by Marcus. Bramble joins the group after he sneaks into the park out of sheer curiosity. The Transformation Contest turns out to be fun and thrilling. Vick and Marcus become fast friends during the contest and they end up winning the prize. As they are celebrating, Tom approaches Vick with proof that the Marcus is a thief. Vick is disappointed and hurt by the news that his new friend deceived him.In the meantime, strange occurrences are happening in Wild Land. Yuanbao and many other visitors end up going feral. This is due to them transforming into "Hybrid-animals" during the contest. Two men wearing all black are capturing feral "hybrid" visitors. Briar sneaks into the park to look for Bramble, but is mistaken for a wild guest and captured. Bramble is anxiously watching things happening at the park with a girl named Xiaoxue who he met during the contest. The two of them end up going to Vick for help. While everyone is trying to figure out just what is happening, Vick finds a clue left by Marcus that leads him to a wooden cabin. To Bramble and Vick’s surprise, this is where this mysterious person lives. They find out that Tom, the founder of Wild Land, is involved with the men that captured Briar and the other guests. To find the connection between Tom and the feral guests, the two of them set out for the research and development center in the park.Vick and Bramble sneak into the R&D center. They save Briar and find Marcus, who reveals his story of how he came to this point. He invented the original genetic technology behind the transformation feature that’s used in Wild Land. He created it to fulfill a wish from his late daughter Lele, who wanted to share the wonder of the device with the world. Marcus chose to work with Tom to start a "Fantasy Dreamland" to let others use this technology. However, he later discovered the hybrid-animal technology which Tom had been developing undercover has a flaw that can cause the user to become feral and totally lose control of themselves. He did not expect Tom to still launch this technology and change "Fantasy Dreamland" into "Wild Land". He and Tom had a falling out and Tom pushed him out of the business. Marcus came back to the park because he wanted to right what was wrong, and the only way to do that is to shut down the core AI of the park.Visitors have started going feral because Tom over-extended the use of the hybrid technology. Its instability gets worse over time. Tom imprisons these bestial visitors and he refuses to turn off the AI that controls it. Vick, Briar, Bramble, and Marcus work together to shut the AI down for good. Tom intervenes but they manage to stop him and make their way to the AI. However, the AI creates an image of Lele trying to get Marcus believe that it is his daughter. While Marcus is trapped by the illusion, Tom returns as a hybrid-animal to stop them. In the end, Vick defeats Tom and manages to wake up Marcus from the illusion. Marcus shuts down the machine with tears in his eyes

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