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V2021.05 SP5 x64
Windows 7/8/10 X64
august 25th, 2021
Engineering Specialized
1. Install CST Studio Suite 2021 Win64.
Do not run CST License Manager at the end of setup!

2. To install update SP5 run as Administrator
"Programs > CST Studio Suite 2021 > CST Update Manager 2021"
In CST Update Manager 2021 "Home" tab click "Import", browse to
and click "Open"

Wait until update package will be exracted to folder

In CST Update Manager window in tab "Home" select "SP5"
and click "Install"

3. Open Windows Services and make sure that service
"CST License Manager" is stopped. If not- stop it

Go to Crack folder:
4. Copy file in CST Studio 2021 Folder and run the CST2021_Patcher.bat wait till is done.

5. open the CST license Manager Choose New license manager and point the license.dat click start Service.

5.1. Run CST Studio 2021.

6. At first program start in "Specify License" window select
"Pointing to an existing Flexnet-based CST Studio Suite license server system"
Input for Server: localhost
Input for Port: 27077
Click OK to finish

7. Enjoy

Note: Please always for more information to install crack, check 'Readme.txt' file in the program folder!
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