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windows 7/8/10 x32/x64
October 26th, 2019
Engineering Specialized
- If you installed a previous version of 5x, delete completely. Old 5x version will leave a serial info on registry, go into Registry and delete all entries named "Ambient Design" there could be 2 Ambient Design entries you must delete.

- Install v5.0.8 retail setup.

- Swap the patched file in the program dirctory. Patched file will by-pass serial enter nag at launch automatically. You wont need to enter any serial to use it. Dont mind the 32-bit saying in splash and ArtRage 3 saying in main window, its just a little bug in the code and it wont have any effect on the software.

Note: Please always for more information to install crack, check 'Readme.txt' file in the program folder!
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