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United States

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension 2015

Horror, Mystery
The film starts in 1988 at the end of the third film. A supernatural entity bends Dennis backwards and kills him. Gra...

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1h 28min
English, German, Ukrainian
The film starts in 1988 at the end of the third film. A supernatural entity bends Dennis backwards and kills him. Grandma Lois (Hallie Foote) guides young Katie (Chloe Csengery) and Kristi (Jessica Tyler Brown) upstairs where they meet with a guy named Kent (Don McManus), whom Lois says will be the girls teacher. Kent tells the girls that he is going to help them with something that will benefit them in the future.We jump to 2013 in Santa Rosa, CA at the Fleege home. Dad Ryan (Chris J. Murray) is with his daughter Leila (Ivy George) as they wait for Ryans brother Mike (Dan Gill) to show up. Mike is staying with his brother after going through a pretty bad break-up. Ryans wife Emily (Brit Shaw) doesnt like the idea of Mike staying for too long. Joining them is a friend named Skyler (Olivia Taylor Dudley).While going through some stuff, Ryan and Mike come across a camera and some old tapes. They play one of the tapes and see Katie and Kristi as kids while Mike records the events with the camera. Another tape shows the girls in a room with Kent asking Kristi what she sees. Based on what she describes, Ryan is a bit creeped out to notice that Kristi is describing Leilas room. Kent asks Kristi if she sees "him". Kristi strains and says yes before a skeletal blue flash goes over her face and the power in the house go out.Mike records the family as Leila puts the angel on top of the Christmas tree. When Ryan gets ahold of the camera, he sees that its picking up particles in the air, and it sounds like hes underwater as he walks past it.
?Leila starts acting strangely. Ryan catches her with her bleeding hand pressed against the bathroom mirror while saying something backwards. When they leave, the handprint fades into the mirror before something cracks it. When Ryan and Skyler review the footage, they play the tape backwards and see that Leila is saying "Bloody Mary".Ryan starts to leave cameras in the living room and Leilas room. On Night #1, a dark spirit forms next to Leilas bedside. She wakes up and talks to it like a friend. When asked about who her new friend is, Leila calls it "Toby". Ryan walks into the room and Tobi vanishes.Ryan and Mike bring Skyler in to watch the tapes. The guys note how Katie and Kristi are seen with their mom and Dennis in some videos, but the videos of them from a few years later only feature Lois and Kent, and how cult-like Kents teachings appear to be.Mike and Skyler are outside with the camera. They notice a ripple in the pool. A dark cloud appears to jump from the pool and go into the woods. There, they find Leila alone. It becomes evident that Tobys presence is only ever noticeable around Leila.Night #2 - Ryan and Mike are awake as they try to catch new footage. Ryan goes into Leilas room and watches her sleep. From the window, an entity with a slightly noticeable demonic face appears and flies toward Ryan, frightening him.The guys review the footage and get a better look at the demons face. They later go into Leilas room and see that shes drawn weird symbols on her bedroom wall, which Ryan recognizes from some papers he found with the same symbols.Night #3 - Leila wakes up and follows Toby to the living room. She turns on the gas and leaves it going for a while until Emily comes downstairs and turns it off. She sends Leila to her room, after which the gas turns on by itself again. Moments later, the angel falls off the tree with a loud thud.Concerned about Leilas behavior, Ryan and Emily call in Father Todd (Michael Krawic). The priest goes into Leilas room and tries to talk to her. He rubs holy water over her forehead. Leila grins slightly but stays still as Todd asks more questions. After a brief moment, Leila growls and lunges at Todd, throwing him to the ground as her parents try to pull her off of him.Night #4 - Ryan and Mike watch another Katie/Kristi video. Kristi is still trying to describe her visions to Kent. What she describes is eerily similar to the room in which the brothers are st

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