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United States

Behaving Badly 2014

Comedy, Romance
V1.04, Some corrections:The update of 22nd July 2015, v1.03, was because until now the Synopsis was more like a Plot ...

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1h 37min
V1.04, Some corrections:The update of 22nd July 2015, v1.03, was because until now the Synopsis was more like a Plot Summary. This is based on the six chapters of a region 2 DVD, Signature Entertainment Ltd, other regions or disks might have different chapters.The story has Nat Wolff of The Naked Brothers Band teamed up with a whole range of people, including Selena Gomez. This is as quirky and individual a movie as any other that Selena has appeared in, so far. This one has a lot of very short scenes and a lot of different plot lines.1. Production house logos. The viewpoint is that of 18 year old Rick Stevens. A lot of people in trouble and Mum as a suicide. Rick calls for an ambulance and a policeman arrives, selling tickets. The story starts to look at the two weeks previous to this suicide.This is a giddy collection of unbelievable detail. Rick has fallen in love, his brother is annoyed because of the toilet seat, his mum does not appreciate being blamed. Sister is a stripper who does okay at school. Dad is separate from family and just calls to collect an incriminating video he had left there by mistake.An introduction to the people at the strip club where big sister works. Cherish needs a favour and gives Rick some help in exchange. He then visits his best friend, Billy Bender and his Billys mum appears to listen in, which leads to Ricks first time sexually, with his mums best friend. This might have been a big reason for the suicide.2. What would people say if they knew about Rick and his mums best friend? Rick has an unfortunate bet, with Mafia child Karlis, about how he will do with the girl he really likes. St Lola, patron saint of teenagers, appears in the boys toilets.Some information about Nina Pennington and her ex boyfriend. The Latin teacher then dies and that leads to Rick gets a date with Nina for the teachers funeral.Their first date and Billy is in the back seat. Rick pretends to be friends with a rock star in order to impress her. The local priest then crashes into the car. Talk of devilled eggs and Carmelite nuns and vows of silence.Meantime, back at the strip club, the owner talks to the Mafia about his plans. Rick makes an Ecstasy deal for back stage tickets. Rick the goes to Mrs Bender and makes a different deal for a car.Rick gets the Ecstasy, stores the extra, then gets a visit from his patron saint, who is not impressed. Meantime his mum is getting drunk and Billys dad is getting ready for some hunting.The new Latin teacher dies, Nina wants to become a priest. The back stage tickets do not come through, but there is a discovery of illicit parental sex and the date goes okay, anyway. There is a deal with the dads. Except Ricks mum had them tailed by a private eye. Ricks mum is now going to rehab and Ricks secret lover is spending some time with the priest, helping him plan Bingo.School, Mafia child Karlis gets heavy about the bet, how do you like your pinkies?3. The next new Latin teacher dies in front of Nina, Ninas ex tries to sink Rick, but Rick comes to a deal with the school headmaster. Ninas ex declares war against Rick, but Rick gets to walk Nina home.The car repair will take a week, so Rick can have a replacement car and he asks for and gets an Aston Martin for a week. The police consider it suspicious. There has been a murder to hide the identity of a gangster. Rick now needs a lawyer. Get home, his house has turned into a brothel.4. Billys idea, a party. Billys mum arrives and takes the last two Ecstasy. Ricks house gets more and more disorderly, in the farce tradition. Jimmy Leach arrives to take care of Billys mum. Nina arrives to be friends with Rick. Ninas ex arrives. This is not how Nina understood Rick, but at this stage she is not frightened off. Nina draws a saints symbol on Ricks hand, the patron saint of family.The Mafia arrive, they do not like the stories that Rick has been telling the police. Nina looses faith in Rick. Nina then hears about the bet a and looses more faith. The

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