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Windwos 7 /8 /10/11 X64
December 26th, 2021

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KMSPico 11 is the latest KMS Pico version to activate Windows 10 Pro & Windows 11.
KMSPico v11.0.1 can also activate Windows 11 and Office 365.

The following infographic explains how to install the activator and activate the Windows OS in a very simple graphical way. Follow the steps for successful activation.

To make Windows activation permanently, follow this method:

-Turn off Virus and Threat Protection before you download it.

-Antivirus treats this tool as a virus and gives false alarm and deletes it.

-You need to disable all kinds of antivirus programs and windows defender, to install it.

Follow the steps to turn off the Real-Time Protection:

Go to Settings.
Search for Virus and threat Protection Settings.
Click “virus and threat protection”.
Click on “Manage settings”.
Turn Off Windows Real-time protection.


Run the setup file as administrator.

Click on Activate button and wait for few seconds.

Windows will be activated successfully with this magical KMSPico tool.

This is the Lifetime Activation

This method can also be used to activate any Microsoft product for free.

Here is how to Reset Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise activation state.

Este programa es GRATIS, no se necesita crack
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