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graphic for Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest V3.0.5.2
June 6th, 2018 || Android 4.0 +
Download APK Clear career division, and are full of fun, old-fashioned three major career, ranger, mage, warri...
last update
June 6th, 2018
Android 4.0 +
File Size
+ 18.5K
About the APK:
Clear career division, and are full of fun, old-fashioned three major career, ranger, mage, warrior, brush strange also quite interesting.
Ranger feeling emphasis on attack speed and group, flat A mostly with ejection effect, the Master pay attention to the call and the group, brush the most bullish, group AOE is very full, the skills are also cool, the soldiers have not yet experience, but also believe that play a variety. Skills, I feel quite new, each professional skills are not fixed, but are in the range, each time with three skills plus flat A, the skills are determined by your equipment, weapons, deputy master, and then the main weapon decision Your level A and two skills, deputy weapons determine the first skill, the third skills to forget the ~ ~ everyone can study their own.
All combinations are desirable, note that all the skills are fee blue, including flat A, all mana value and upper limit addition control is good. Equipment, general color distinction rare, white, blue, yellow, orange, red, red is the legend, each legendary equipment will have a unique name, will be recorded in the legend of things, of course, the property is very seductive, The number will be divided by the degree of rare, yellow will have 4,5, and do not worry too much about the gap, the type of personality strange, from the most basic value of life, mana, crit, burst to I do not know the mysterious damage or A certain skill +1, are there, depending on your own discretion, do not understand it does not matter, each attribute name will have to explain later, this to praise. Attribute value, what type of what can be changed through the crystal stone, but the drop rate in general, there is a little slot is the equipment, this can be used magic stone mosaic, similar magic can only be a mosaic, magic stone plus life% , Mana%, resistance%, vampire% .... there are many, advanced can be out through the low level.

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