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Pilates - a system of fitness exercises for the whole body, which tightens muscles, develops mobility, joint flexibility, has the ability to govern themselves and help restore muscle balance, strengthens the whole body, muscle endurance and muscle tone, strengthen bones and ligaments, burning calories and losing weight .

Pilates - a sport for everyone. Pilates can engage in all, regardless of age and gender. And those who have suffered spinal cord injury.

Pilates - a unique training , developed more than a hundred years ago by Joseph Pilates as a system restore musculoskeletal after various injuries. Over time, Pilates developed a system of self- improvement, aimed at stretching and strengthening muscles. Pilates is a complex, gently and effectively works on all muscle groups , including stabilizers, which helps to strengthen the body from the inside and a strong muscular system . With Pilates you will become a leaner , more flexible , stronger, healthier and more graceful .

Pilates system includes exercises for all parts of the body. This exercise system was developed in the early XX century, but has received the highest recognition at the beginning of the XXI century.

Pilates method focuses on the interaction between the mind and the body during exercise . The exercises of Pilates is accompanied by a concentration on the respiratory rhythm, the correct exercise and awareness of the actions of each exercise for a particular muscle group

Pilates strengthens the abdominal muscles , improves balance and coordination , and reduces stress. Pilates exercises are safe and suitable for a wide age spectrum . Pilates can be practiced in the health club or on your own , at home.

The project has just started its development , look forward to your comments and suggestions. Thank you.

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