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graphic for Nimian Legends : BrightRidge an Legends : BrightRidge OBB 7.9

Nimian Legends : BrightRidge Van Legends : BrightRidge OBB 7.9

May 29th, 2018 || Android 4.4 +
Download APK First of all, let’s take a look at this completely open fantasy continent, Nimian Legends: Bright...
Van Legends : BrightRidge OBB 7.9
last update
May 29th, 2018
Android 4.4 +
File Size
+ 19.1K
About the APK:
First of all, let’s take a look at this completely open fantasy continent, Nimian Legends: BrightRidge. Game name German light mountain is a place in the game, the player’s main activity area is here - for example, the first building encountered is bright mountain hotel. Of course, as an open world, this gives the player the greatest freedom, that is, there is almost no air wall, the player can hell and mountain, free to explore: distant mountains can go straight up, encounter the river directly go swimming. Although I think it is too free, players can even "stand upright" on a 90-degree cliff. -
Smart phones can show almost perfect picture details: the mottled light through the forest, waterfalls sparkling water, changing clouds and insects flying in the grass ... Although the map accuracy is obviously the level of hand travel, Supplemented by imaginative fantasy buildings, such as towering statues, huge castles, ethereal cloud in the city and so on, the screen beauty is guaranteed.
The game takes the virtual joystick combined with the virtual handle mode of operation, the lower left corner of the screen control direction, the lower right corner of the control perspective, just the battle button in the upper right corner, how much some inconvenience. In addition, the game UI has taken full care of the mobile platform, such as dialogue with the NPC, to take the initiative to activate the interactive dialogue design - the player close to the head with blue light point NPC, then the NPC to you The words will be automatically displayed on the screen, and still the center of the screen, take full care of the small screen collected.

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